You’ve all heard of Movember but here at Baa Baa Brighouse, we’re celebrating Wovember!

Wovember was established in 2011 to celebrate wool, its origin and to campaign for clearer labeling and descriptions in the fashion industry to ensure consumers know where their wool and wool products are farmed, manufactured and processed.

As a big believer in British wool and in particular, that which can claim a strong connection to Yorkshire, we’re supporting the campaign to raise awareness.

Throughout the month of November, we will be holding a wonderful Wovember sale, offering a fabulous 10% discount on many brands of British wool, including Rowan, Laura’s Loom, Eden Cottage Yarns, Sylvan Tiger Yarns, Herdy, West Yorkshire Spinners and more!

For full details about the Wovember campaign, visit the Wovember website or stop by our Wovember sale to see the full range of fabulous wool we have on offer.