The accessibility issues surrounding Ravelry’s website have been ongoing now for over a year and whilst I don’t intend to wade in to the argument (others have said what needs to be said far more forcefully and eloquently than I could), we have taken the decision to delete the Baa Baa Brighouse Ravelry account.

In truth, we have not used it in any real sense since before the Covid-19 pandemic began and even then we were increasingly frustrated at how admins would rearrange our own yarns and pictures when we had dedicated many hours to providing accurate descriptions and uploading extensive photography to the site.

We fully support those who have experienced episodes and accessibility issues and while we commended Ravelry on the stance it took towards Donald Trump, we are disappointed that it has failed to listen to and act upon the concerning accessibility issues that have been raised.

I will say this, I have congenital rotary nystagmus, an eye condition, and during the 10 minutes or so I spent deleting the Baa Baa Brighouse account, I found the site tended to make my already poor vision much worse and left me with quite a sever headache.

You will still be able to view our yarns on Instagram and Twitter, though we continue to monitor both social media platforms.


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