IMO It’s A Shit Present’ and its sister, ‘Your Cocky Attitude‘ is Baa Baa Brighouse’s response to a recent Twitter exchange with a non-yarny attempting to troll us.

We shared the full extent of the conversation about our Baa Baa Brighouse Mother’s Day Yarn Box on our social media pages and it went something like this:

Tweet from @rubb3rsoul1972: @BaaBaaBrighouse @yorkshiresoap

“I’m confused ?‍♂️ A big ball of wool? So in effect you’re giving a task as a gift! #badlythoughtout

So, I replied with:

Tweet from @BaaBaaBrighouse: @rubb3rsoul1972 @yorkshiresoap

“Yes, because they are for knitters who enjoy knitting and a big ball of wool is what you knit with. #statingtheblindinglyobvious

I thought that was the end of the matter, but apparently not. He then replied with:

Tweet from @rubb3rsoul1972 @BaaBaaBrighouse

“I don’t need an explanation. I’d already stated the obvious IMO it’s a shit present, matching your cocky attitude.”

Well, that led me to say this:

Tweet from @BaaBaaBrighouse @rubb3rsoul1972

“Thankfully plenty of my customers disagree and quite like my cocky attitude.”

So, after the gentleman blocked us, we asked our customers to nominate worthy charities that could benefit from yarn created as a result.

We were inundated with a vast number of fantastic suggestions and after careful consideration, we have decided to support the organisation, Toilet Twinning, which funds projects in poor communities of developing countries, enabling families to build basic toilets, have access to clean water and learn about hygiene.

£3 of every skein of ‘IMO It’s A Shit Present’ and ‘Your Cocky Attitude‘ will be donated to Toilet Twinning – so if you buy a skein of each yarn, that’s £6 of your money that will go to charity.

Both yarns are hand dyed 100% British Bluefaced Leicester High Twist 4 Ply Sock Yarn and come in 100g skeins.

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