It’s been quite a while since we’ve launched a Charity Yarn, I think the last one was sometime before the pandemic.

However, as a proud member of a ‘rainbow family’, I had reason to contact Mermaids recently, which lit a fire in me to create a yarn in aid of its work.

Mermaids is a charity that supports transgender, non-binary and gender diverse children, young people and their families – they are skilled, knowledgeable and provide a vital resource and support service for many.

I thanked them on Twitter for the advice they gave me but was absolutely appalled by the level of abuse their social media accounts attract.

It is no big secret that homophobia is on the rise and the trans community is under attack. According to a recent report by Vice World News, homophobic hate crime is up 32% on last year in the UK and transphobic hate crime is up by 59%.

It is perhaps unsurprising when certain celebrities with huge followings seek to dehumanise trans people and our own government fails to protect them.

The populist nonsense spouted by the two Conservative leadership contenders in recent weeks with regards to trans rights simply compounds matters.

So, we have released ‘Trans Rights Are Human Rights‘, a new charity yarn in aid of Mermaids. A total of £5 from each sale will be donated to the charity.

The yarn itself is made up of three 50g skeins – one each in blue, pink and white – giving you 150g or 390m of woolly loveliness to craft with. ‘Trans Rights Are Human Rights‘ is a DK yarn comprising 60% cotton and 40% wool. There is a limited supply of this yarn, so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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